Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Former Child Star & Gospel Singer Benita Getting Married Soon

Former child star and gospel singer Benita Okojie will walk down the aisle with Olawale Adeyina before the end of November 2016.

For those who don't know Benita, she is that child star whose innocent voice rented the airwaves in the late 90's with her song 'Osamudiamen.'

We are excited that she is ready to take those gentle steps down the aisle, and to the altar.
Benita will be married very soon to her boo, Olawale Adeyina.

Olawale is the CEO of Green Street Media Network, publishers of Techcity NG.
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The couple were friends during their university days and after graduation became more than friends.

Benita says after praying, asking her mother for counsel, and feeling a sort of divine peace about the whole thing, she decided to go ahead.

Surely, everything is working just fine as she and Olawale are now expected to say their vows in the next few weeks.

All the best to Benita and Olawale.