Friday, 28 August 2015

[Video] - 11 Year-Old Poet Touched South Africa With A Timeless Poem About Africa

With each carefully chosen word that she spoke, you cant but get your eyes glued to the screen with rapt attention till the end of the dramatic piece as a little intelligent South African girl Botlhale Boikanyo thrills the judges in the South Africa Got Talent where she reminds us of the colossal break down in morality and values that has bedeviled the African community in recent times.

This little lady is one special someone. She has already made her start in this world as a strong mountain mover and a brave heart challenger at the tender age of eleven.

Here's an Excerpt In this performance poetry from this wonder kid decrying the situation of Africa in the Ode about Nelson Mandela and Africa below after the cut:

Africa my roots, Africa My pride
Oh Africa, My mother land
A place for Victors and Gifted
A Nation filled with diversity of cultures
Cultures of Vanaba Malawasibilo
Oh Africa, Hear my cry
Am crying for the spirit of Ubudu....

What happened to the days when when knew their place
And children respecting their elders
Our generation is Perishing our future is vanishing... Oh Africa

Botlhale’s performance is a timeless treasure that will never grow old.
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