Monday, 6 July 2015

America's Independence Day Celebration | Kim Kardashian & Miley Cyrus Lead in Patriotic Themed Bikinis

Amidst divergent views expressed by Americans on the recently popular support and legalization of same-sex marriages through out the U.S.A by the U.S Supreme court , 4th of July still remains sacred, binding and memorial as America celebrates yet another independence day.

Kicking off the independence celebration are celebrities who took to Instagram to share their excitement and show love and patriotism  for country.

Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Vanessa Hudgens, Cindy Crawford, Bella Thorne, Rumer Willis
were just a few of the many stars to post images in which they wore red-white-and-blue appropriate for the an independence costume.

Of course with these stars it's sure to get the American flag-themed sexiest bikini looks dominating social media at the independence day celebration.

Check out these sexy stunning celebs as they go patriotic for the most power country in the world, looking chic, sexy and heroic after the cut!

Kim Kardashian, as expected went overboard as she displayed her love for America by wearing a flag gear from head to toe....

Miley Cyrus wore a stars and stripes bikini top and shorts, while also painting a blue heart and a white star on her face!

Paris Hilton's flag bikini was worn with a blue skirt, red gloves, and red shoes - the overall effect was reminiscent of a comic-book hero...

Cindy Crawford's throwback snap of her younger self posing in a low-cut white tank top with a hart-shaped American flag on the front...

17-year-old Teen actress Bella Thorne shared a swimsuit snap - posed in a very revealing stars and stripes one-piece as she wished everyone a happy holiday.

Rumer Willis (Bruce Willis daughter) with her fractured foot stuck to her bikini top and cut-off shorts at the Encore Beach Club party

Rumer partying with the girls...

Photo credit: getty images, instagram,Juddy eddy,

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