Friday, 19 May 2017

Man With Two Girlfriends Since 2014, Explains How The Relationship Works.

A man with two girlfriends has explained exactly how the relationship works.

 Adam Lyons, Brooke Shedd and Jane Shalakhova, who have been living together in a polygamous relationship since 2014, appeared on This Morning today to discuss their unusual dynamic.

The 'throuple' are also expecting another child after finding out that Jane is pregnant.
Adam and Brooke already have two sons together.

But they've insisted that while there is "definitely" some jealousy, it doesn't come between them.

Adam explained the dynamic to hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford .

He said: "There’s definitely some jealously. But it’s the kind of jealousy you’d get if one of your friends was going on a vacation with a bunch of your other friends and you had to stay behind and work. It’ll often come because I’ll be at work and the girls we’ll be like, 'We’re going to go and get our nails done'."

Jane added: "I don’t have romantic jealousy. I have jealousy on missing out on experience more. [For example] we planned this big cruise to go from America to England and I got pregnant and couldn’t come. As we’d pre-booked everything I said they should go together, and they did, but I was missing out. I was jealous because of all the fancy dinners and shows they watched."

The trio also explained how they became a 'throuple' in the first place.

Brooke said: "When Adam and I met I told him straight away I like women as well as men. And it’s a part of my personality and my sexuality that you can’t solve by yourself, I need that full spectrum and so he was like, great, I will happily date more than one woman.

"So we kind of from the beginning knew this is what our relationship would look like. When we met Jane we didn’t intend for it to be as serious as it is and we’ve ended up building a family and a business and a whole life together, it’s crazy it fell together so easily."

When asked if this is for the long term, Adam said: "I think for me it’s step-by-step. We’re taking this relationship as serious as any other couple takes their relationship. What the future holds? I love the idea we’ll be together forever but you never truly know."
But would the 'throuple' ever expand and add more people into the relationship?

Brooke said: "It would have to be a person we all got along with, that we all connected with. The more people you add to a relationship the more complicated that element gets."