Thursday, 17 September 2015

Rihanna Thinks New Boy-Friend Travis Scott Might Be a Heartbreaker

In a recent development, Rihanna is expressing doubt over her current beau Travis Scott.
According to the Hollywood Life, despite their smooth-sailing relationship, Rihanna still has doubts that Travis will turn out to be just like her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Though both have been enjoying each others company their actions suggest the two are very much attached to each other.

But the R&B singer isn't shy about expressing her doubts about Travis.
Rihanna and Travis' relationship is so over the top that they are considering a remake of "Poetic Justice." If this is a sign that they wish to extend their relationship more and outside the music industry, this is perhaps the best way to do so.
Hollywood Life's sources, said "They are working on more music together and obviously, they love each other's company. But they also want to do movies together and they actually have been talking about doing an original film loosely based on her life and they also have talked about doing a remake of 'Poetic Justice.'"

Despite fans conclusion that the two are together, neither Rihanna nor Travis confirmed any relationship between them. However, their late-night escapades and a suggestive video during the New York Fashion Week give clear evidence that the two are actually together.

Meanwhile, not to be forgotten in a hurry that though Rihanna and  ex-boyfriend Chris Brown have remained good friends after there rough relationship, Chris has been very jealous of the budding relationship between Riri and Travis that he can't stand hearing news about them.

Chris Brown who just want to have it all, has so much care for Rihanna and wouldn't stand any man breaking her heart or even being with her to the point that he gets jealous.

On the other hand, Rihanna has always expressed her support for Chris when she offered help during his time in court fighting for custody for her child with Nia Guzman. Apparently, regardless of how they spend their lives apart, Chris and Rihanna will remain good friends and will always care for each other.

We just hope someday the exes would make up

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Rihanna, Travis Scott, Chris Brown