Friday, 4 September 2015

How Your Handbag Carrying Style Name You

Nobody knows us better than our bags. They are what we make of them and furthermore, what we put in them. This is why countless types of bags exist — because there are countless types of bag ladies.
A great bag not only ties an outfit together, but often says what kind of fashion person you are. 

Check out how our sweetheart street style stars carry their bag and what it says about you.

On the Shoulder = The Multitasker

A S H L E I G H - @thedaileigh

Between a dozen daily shows and after-hours parties, you've got every essential under the sun on you - show invitations, gum, granola bars, floss, and a lint roller, at the very least. Despite your hodge podge approach to what's in your bag, you're still effortlessly on the go,

In the Crook of the Arm = The Lady
Ladipo Busayo - @thatdynamitechick
It may not be the most comfortable of positions, but carrying your bag in the crook of your arm requires a certain level of polish. You like to consider yourself a modern day Jackie O .

In the Hand = The Showoff

Soraya De Carvalho - @Styleismything

What better way to let people know you've got a new bag than putting it on full display. You wouldn't even think of letting an arm or a hand get in the way of your showpiece, so you hold it in the palm. All eyes will be right on you.

So tell us which is your favourite pick and what your bag says about you in the comment section

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