Thursday, 27 August 2015

Miss Great Britain Offers Men Top Tips on How to chat up women

The 19-year-old  Miss Great Britain hottie Amelia Perrin has some words to tell men in case you are looking at chatting up a pretty girl.

She said first of all blokes need to stop using cheesy chat-up lines in bars – instead they should get a drink sent over. The Pretty teenager also tells men to look for love at work or in the park rather than in a sweaty club or bar.

Amelia, who is currently Miss South East 2015, said: "I've been chatted up badly lots of times, guys need some help. "No one wants to meet his or her soulmate in a club, bar or pub.

"This is a lie sold to us by films and rom-coms - I'm too sweaty to you to fall in love with me across a dance floor.

"Even if I did meet my soulmate in a Wetherspoons, I'd lie and make sure I have a decent story to tell my grandchildren."

The Royal Holloway student, from Chelmsford, Essex, said unlucky-in-love men should try and be "smooth" and not intimidate women by advancing on them as a stranger.
By sending a drink over the woman doesn't feel obliged or intimidated and if the chosen lady isn't interested – the guy saves face by being directly rejected.

Speaking to student newspaper The Tab, she said: "The worst attempt to chat me up was from a guy in London who stopped me in the street and begged for a hug, holding up the crowds of people who were walking in the opposite direction.

"The worst part was when tried to ring the fake number I gave in front me, so I had to give him my real number.

"He wouldn't stop calling me, I had to block him in the end."

Stunner Amelia found the right guy for her – a journalist – although no word yet on whether he tried to chat her up over a bottle of WKD and a packet of pork scratchings in her local Yates wine lodge.

She added: "If my advice helped secure you a bang, name your imminent child after me, or tweet me a post-coital selfie.

"Basically, stay smooth and true to yourself and you'll be sure to succeed."
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