Monday, 6 July 2015

Taraji Henson's Shows-off New Striking Purple Hair

It is most unpredictable for Taraji Henson to be on the list of stars who might likely go on pastel hair.

Surprisingly, the Empire Fox star debuts one of the 2015 hottest pastel hair trend, as she took to Instagram to show-off a new purple-to-lavender-to-gray ombré locks. See how bold and stunning the hue looks after the cut...

Henson's hairstylist reveals how the star wanted some shades and fell in love with purple and lavender that compliments her undertones and personal styles.

Taraji Henson has been hot on red carpet lately, having fun and one little secret from hairstylist Hamilton to PEOPLE magazine about the 44year-old star is “She loves this new look and I know she’s having fun!” and
” She’s actually an undercover beautician and I just love that about her because she gets it. Knowing Taraji,
she will be moving into a different look soon so I’m excited for the next challenge!”
We’re feeling her striking new looks with the dyed hair quite an alternative for summer!
Taraji captioned the photo:

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