Friday, 8 May 2015

#KardBlock is New App That Blocks Anything Kardashian News Popping up in Your News Feed or Browser

Its such an interesting thing to know folks exist who with a pure intention want the internet sanitized because they are bored with and tired of hearing of what ordinarily shouldn't be recognized as news content making breaking news all the time and on major news, entertainment and lifestyle blogs and site.
 What readily comes to mind is the collective obsession of a handful of folks by the name of Kim, Kanye, Kris, Kendall, Kylie, Kourtney, Khloe, Bruce, and, yes, even Rob, who has become such a fever pitch; that one developer has basically done God’s work and created a browser extension that scours your feed and blocks anything and everything related to the Kardashian-Jenner crew.

The browser extention is called "#Kardblock" and was developed by a 21 year old British viral marketer James Shamsi, who confronted his pop culture fatigue head-on by creating a way to make the Internet a Kardashian-free zone.

We support Nobel Priz for this kid !

Shamsi told The Daily Beast: “Basically, what was happening was that there were Kardashians everywhere, and I wanted to do something about that.
 “Did you hear that Kim just released a book of her selfies, like yesterday or the day before? Her selfies! I didn’t sign up to these sites to hear about things like that.
I am interested in deeper issues. But every platform seems interested in Kardashian news to the point that everything else gets crushed.”

It’s a sad fact that he’s absolutely right—what started as a mindless interest in some silly reality stars has become a full-blown international fixation that drives traffic for websites, moves magazines on newsstands (ahem, Vogue) and crushes it in TV ratings—and so #KardBlock was born.

According to the Daily Beast, Shamsi says that upwards of 20,000 people have signed up for the beta version of the week-old tool, and—when it’s done—won’t only eradicate mention of the distracting family, but will try and transform your mindless consumption of infotainment.

“The concept here is to replace Kardashian links with ones to charitable causes of all kind,” Shamsi said. “But our ultimate goal is even bigger than just that. We are looking to disrupt the entire digital advertising space. We want to replace all advertising with donation links and important news widgets.”

Questions have been raised about the Kardashians bringing attention to the Armenian genocide, or embracing Bruce Jenner’s gender identity issues, being important news.

But the British viral marketter has dissenting views saying: “They will raise awareness for 30 seconds, and then one of them will take their top off and that will be news for days and days and days,” Shamsi said. “They could be doing great things, but they often choose not to, which to me is an irritant. So we are leveraging the power they could be using to try to do something better, not for profit.”

To understand the functionality of the extension succinctly click on the #Kardblock's website

No beef this is App is important to rid yourself and kids of the Kardashians for good
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