Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Style Tips To Guide You On Wearing Bright Colours

Talking about bright colours and you are deliberately referring to adventurous, youthful, energetic and vibrant living.

Maximum care need be taken when attempting to rock bright colours so as as not to look over the top bright without coordination.

So how do you put together bright colour to give that desired chic look?
Follow our rules !!

#Rule 1. Pair Bright Colours with Neutrals: A very good way to tone down bright colours is to pair with neutrals such as tan, ivory, white and nude.  Adding a splash of color to your neutral wardrobe can instantly brighten up your look, whether you wear each shade separately or mix and match these tints for added impact.

#Rule 2. Pair Bright colours with Dark colours: Pairing bright colours with dark colours such as brown, navy blue would definately give your outfit a bold and elegant statement.

#Rule 3. Pair Bright colours with Pattersn/florals:
To look great without commiting to solely just bright colours only is to combine your attire with patterns and or florals.

#Rule 4. Rock Bright colours with jewelry and accessories: If you are not quite sure about going bright with your clothes, go bright with your jewelry.

A plain black gown will look great with a green statement neck piece, bangles or earrings.

So, don’t be restricted, explore with your bags, shoes and scarves.

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