Thursday, 19 July 2018

Profound Differences Between INTELLIGENCE and WISDOM

For so many of us, we wish we had known these profound distinctions between Intelligence and Wisdom a long time ago.

There are so many words we can use to describe a person’s mind. We can say he is clever, smart, intelligent, wise, educated, and well-read.
But each of these characteristics refers to specific traits and they cannot be used interchangeably. Let’s start with the difference between intelligence and wisdom as an example.

Intelligence and Wisdom are two qualities that are attached with the mental capabilities and skills of human beings.

Intelligence is your how-power (your skill set)—the strategic combination of your experience, knowledge, innate and acquired abilities, to solve problems.

Wisdom is your why-power (your value system)—the internal filter that enables you to select and focus on the problems that maximize your intelligence.

Intelligence is having the ladders. Wisdom is choosing your walls.

Below are clear listed differences between these similar terms.
Worth reading on ...

1. Intelligence leads to arguments.
Wisdom leads to settlements.
2. Intelligence is power of will.
Wisdom is power OVER  will.
3. Intelligence is heat, it burns.
Wisdom is warmth, it comforts.
4. Intelligence is pursuit of knowledge, it tires the seeker.
Wisdom is pursuit of truth, it inspires the seeker.
5. Intelligence is holding on.
Wisdom is letting go.
6. Intelligence leads you.
Wisdom guides you.
7. An intelligent man thinks he knows everything.
A wise man knows that there is still something to learn.
8. An intelligent man always tries to prove his point.
A wise man knows there really is no point.
9. An intelligent man freely gives unsolicited advice.
A wise man keeps his counsel until all options are considered.
10. An intelligent man understands what is being said.
A wise man understands what is left unsaid.
11. An intelligent man speaks when he has to say something.
A wise man speaks when he has something to say.
12. An intelligent man sees  everything as relative.
A wise man sees everything as related.
13. An intelligent man tries to control the mass flow.
A wise man navigates the mass flow.
14. An intelligent man preaches.
A wise man reaches.

Intelligence is good but wisdom achieves better results.
In other words, Wisdom is the right application of Intelligence.

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