Saturday, 30 June 2018

Petition to Restrict Movement of trucks in built up areas within Nigeria to the hours of 11pm and 5am.

Enough should actually be enough.... Please Help Sign this petition by the United nations to restrict the movement of all these crazy trucks and their crazy truck drivers to 11pm - 5pm, mostly on Lagos busy roads.

Lagos is almost messed up... And the masses are suffering and smiling with no voice to cry out.

Have u been to Mile 2 Area, down to Tin Apapa Wharf road lately? Is it not madness that govt is playing politics with peoples lives and health?

Now these truck drivers have made bridges in Lagos and local streets in Lagos their parking lot.

Don't even forget that 80-90% of these trucks are not road worthy.

Security of lives and properties is now our collective responsibility, our govt have really failed in that area ..... they are taking advantage of the ignorance of majority of Nigerians....

Can you imagine the killings happening in the North and Middle belt region of Nigeria? Isn't this bloodshed enough of it?

Please sign these bill and let us all expose those in govt who deceive the international community that all is well in Nigeria

For those of you who havent gotten ur PVC(voters card ) please do now and vote out corrupt and incapable govt officials.
If any official request for payment to either collect or register your PVC (voters card) don[t agree.

Thanks for joining hands to sign these petition!

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