Friday, 22 June 2018

4 Reasons You Need A Style and Comfort Hoodie

Wearing hoodies is something everyone enjoy.

The moment you pull a hoodie over your head and let it engulf your upper body, you feel like you’ve just slowly sunk into a warm bath, complete with candles and a load of chocolate. There is no item of clothing in the entire world that is more comfortable than a hoodie.
However, often times most men would feel reticent to putting on a hoodie, as they feel hoodies are rather boyish or childish.

But this could not be further away from the truth. Hoodies can be worn by adults as well, without them being discredited as grown-ups.

Having a few hoodies in your wardrobe can have a great impact on your style and attitude.

A good hoodie should be made of fabric that is light, warm, thin, and that frames your body well.

However, there are brands that offer great hoodies. For example, one brand we like and recommend is Tee-14D on Teespring. Their hoodies are stylish, practical and youthful, as they reflect their brand’s philosophy: 90% grown up, 10% very young. A balanced brand for balanced men – we say! What we like most about the Tee-14D on Teespring hoodies is their practicality and versatility, as they can be worn in numerous settings and their style. Tee-14D on Teespring has managed to create hoodies that look all grown-up, but that still have a boyish flair.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the main advantages wearing a great hoodie can have on your style and on the way you feel:

1. Warmth: A hoodie can be worn during winter or cold season, but it is also the perfect thing to put on if you are spending a casual evening in a resort during the summertime. A hoodie that fits well can, in some cases, look better than a knit jumper or a dressy vest.
Moreover, we recommend that you have a hoodie with you if you travel, especially if you don’t know what the weather is going to be like. If you are traveling and need to put on something warm, a hoodie is a great idea.

2. Comfort: Another thing that hoodies do is they bring a lot of comfort in your life. Having a soft, light and warm hoodie can make you feel like you are wrapped in a blanket, without actually having to wear a blanket.

3. Versatility: A hoodie can be worn with almost anything. There are numerous fashionable options you can wear with a hoodie: jeans, khakis, chinos., etc., these are all types of pants that can be easily worn with a hoodie. In terms of shoes, hoodies go with anything from sneakers to boating shoes, which makes them very versatile.
The main advantage of versatile clothes is that they can be easily used if you need to transition between looks.

4. Style: A great hoodie can make a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Hoodies can definitely be fashionable. It’s all in the styling!

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