Monday, 29 May 2017

Worrisome! "We Can Kill Anybody And Collect Money "; Area Boys Boast To BBC Reporter In Lagos

Important information for Lagos residents!

Some local touts (area boys) in Lagos popularly known as 'Leaders of Tomorrow' boasted to a BBC reporter in Lagos how they collect money by force from shops whenever they are broke.

 During an interview with the foreign reporter, one of the touts said they have no jobs but control some areas with shops in Lagos and how they collect money from traders. Anyone who refuses to give them money will be slapped and dealt with seriously.

They also revealed that they can kill anybody anyhow and collect money by force. One of them named ‘Cross and Die’ explained his name to mean, anyone who crosses his part knowingly or otherwise most surely be killed by him, he dramatically and boastfully said.

Watch the interview below;