Thursday, 24 November 2016

New Episode of “Dear Young Wife” Addresses Couples Keeping "Secret Assets" - [video]

“Dear Young Wife” is a new couples digest episode where actress and singer Tomi Odunsi and Chef Daniel share their candid thoughts on several issues that a young woman would like to know.

Its no secret that countless number of young women in society today are more successful or at the same success level with their spouses and in many situations own properties that they feel shouldn't be disclosed to their partners.

On today's episode the duo dish on "Secret Assets", a controversial issue that has torn many marriages apart in recent times.

Do you agree that couples should have secret assets? Do you have secret asset? Whats your reason and why don’t you want your partner to know? Do you suspect that your partner has secret assets, how do you feel about it being hidden from you?

Watch the video below;