Monday, 14 November 2016

Facebook user Expresses anger over Brutal Tribal Marks given to this new born baby!

Heartbreaking photo of a new born with a fresh brutal tribal mark has thrown the social media sphere into a shocking state.

As seen in the picture, the marks were drawn right from her cheeks to the side of her head.

A Facebook user who posted the image expressed anger over the marks and why a new born baby would be allowed to pass through such brutal act all in the name of tradition. She even suggested that the parents of the baby be arrested.

The post which has garnered about 1.2k shares was captioned: “Pls say no to tribal mark!!!! Our Law Makers pls help us out, this is heartbreaking!!! Pls who knows his parents? They must be arrested!!!”

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What's your opinion about this tribal mark thing?

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