Tuesday, 22 September 2015

When Proposing to a Woman Becomes Daunting Task - Watch the episode 9 of #NdaniRealTalk With Stephanie Coker, Illrhymz and Ayoola

Proposing to a lady can sometimes be a daunting task !

On the episode 9 of #NdaniRealTalk, Cornelia O’Dwyer chatted with Stephanie Coker, Illrhymz and Ayoola on the pressure a man faces proposing to a woman.

They also dwelt on the the issue asking questions like, at  what point in a relationship should a couple decide to settle down?

When is the right time for a man to propose?

 Should a girl propose to her man when she feels the time is right?

All that you find in the just released weekly episode of ‘Real Talk’ with host, Cornelia O’Dwyer.

Watch, enjoy the discussion and join in with your comments below...


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