Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Lets Talk About it Face-to-Face - Why did you Cheat on Me ? Ali and Andrew, Pt 1&2 Video

Relationship breakups is a very complex and crazy subject to talk about. It becomes very difficult for us to escape the feelings and hurts when we stars getting older.

Usually breakups leave us with unanswered questions and so many things left unsaid.
If given a chance to change what led to the  breakup in your last relationship what would you do otherwise?

The And project and Glamour teamed up to get these two exes, Ali and Andrew, a couple of seven years who broke up two years ago;  to talk face-to-face and reflect on their failed relationship pulling no punches when it comes to discussing cheating, their flaws, and the good times they had during the relationship.

Ali and Andrew were college sweethearts who dated for seven years and then broke up two years ago. See what happens when they sit down face-to-face to talk honestly about what made their relationship fall apart

Emotions certainly would run high, watch the videos below and share your opinion.....

Ali and Andrew Part 1: Why Did You Cheat on Me

Ali and Andrew Part 2: Would You Give Me Another Chance?

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