Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Happy Birthday to an Icon - Beyoncéis 34 !

Happy Birthday to  Beyoncé as she celebrate her 34th birthday as a living legend .

The iconic singer is one of the most celebrated and revered artists of all time, and she only continues to get better year after year.

The flawless songstress who began her music career at such a young age, has grown to into a woman whose name is magic, whose voice is fire, whose dance moves are fierce, whose fashion sense is to die for and whose flawless face is one that fans (the Bey Hive) all over the world long to look upon.

With 17 Grammy awards to her name amongst several other awards, and another album set to drop soon, the self-proclaimed feminist recently covered top magazine covers especially Vogue Magazine’s iconic September issue where she killed it with her dangerous body figure every woman in the world is dying to have.

How Queen Bey got so good at creating photo montages, we may never know. But her photos give a glimpse into her otherwise private personal life and covetable wardrobe that keeps us coming back for more.

Nothing short of the best, Queen Beyoncé is having one of the best and exemplary marriage in the world. She's an amazing mother, everyone wonders about how she could pull it through  career, motherhood, fashion and business with conflict.

Such a  perfect figure every woman in the world should copy; little wonder the superstar is prolific on Instagram - amassing 44.7 million followers and 1,086 posts since joining the site in November 2012. !

We call on everybody to join us to wish Beyonce a very happy birthday !