Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Chelsea Marr is a Perfect Angelina Jolie Look-Alike

Chelsea Marr, a 24 year old Scottish beauty looks exactly like the 40 year old Oscar winner, Angelina Jolie.
The resemblance is such that they both pass for twins but they are not in any way related.

They both have the same eyes, hair, lips and every single thing the makes people look just the same

Chelsea Marr is not some model or an actress herself, but the beauty who hails from Aberdeen, Scotland is an operational manager for an oil and gas recruitment firm.

Although Chelsea admitted to have had a correctional nose surgery, lip filler and breast implants, she insist that it wasn't to look like Jolie.

 “This wasn’t to try and resemble anyone,” she said. “This was purely because I had absolutely nothing there before and it was something I was insecure about for years.”  Chelsea said.

This is one resemblance you don want to forget in a hurry !