Saturday, 22 August 2015

Follow 7 Super-Easy Steps to Slim Your Face Using Makeup

Learning how to slim your face with makeup isn’t easy but this is the information you’ve been hoping to find
 as we’ll help you out with little secrets below. Below a several ways to get a slimmer face which isn’t complex but it will take a little time and experience to develop on them.

No glam squad needed. Just chose the one that best suits your face.

Contouring :
Contouring is one of the basic ways to slim our face that we all know. It’s also the trickiest one but with time you’ll learn. The most important areas are the sides of your nose, your temples and hairline.

Fill your eyebrow: 
 Filling your eyebrow helps with slimming your face. Most ladies don’t know how to do this because they aren’t quite sure of how to do them. Brows are the frame of the face. Filing them give the face an angled look and angles help with slimming your face.

Eye shadow at the outer corner:
Applying eye shadow at the outer corner of your eyes gives you face a slimmer look. This can be achieved by adding another colour to your crease. While it makes your eyes larger, it makes the rest of your face slimmer.

Eyebrow bone: 
The eyebrow bone is magical. Adding a bit of highlighter using a bright colour of eye shadow such as cream or white below your eyebrow gives your face a slimmer look. It makes the eye look larger but makes the rest of the face slimmer.

 Highlighting the top of your check bone makes your face slim. The trick in using highlighters is applying a small quantity then build up. Highlighting products have a shimmery effect and a little can go a long way. It definitely makes your face slimmer.

 Using a bronzer can go a long way in slimming your face. But you have to be careful not to go too far with it. A bit on your cheeks and jawline does it. It helps define the area and adds angle too your face.

Neutral lipstick: 
Using a neutral lipstick allows the focus to be on the eye. When there is focus on both the eye and lips there will be competition. It will also give your face a fuller look. Using a neutral lipstick give the face a slimmer look.

These are the different ways to make you face look slimmer with makeup.

Which do you regularly do? We’ll love to hear from you.

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