Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Everything You Need is At FUNDERLAND | Exclusive offer to Retailers & Businesses

Everything you need is at FUNDERLAND!!! (Opening Winter 2015) A Safe and secure place of total fun for the kids & Family where you can enjoy the best of food, drinks and games All under one roof !!!

Funderland is a creativity inspired mall which boast of an Arcade, Games centre, skating ring, wall climbing station and many more attractions. 

See what the new mix of fun is all about at The Funderland 

Eat, Play, Skate, Shop, Win and more. You never know how much fun you will get upto!

We are currently advertising to retailers and business who suit our platform to come and join us and be part of the awesome experience! 

Please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit.

Kind Regards
Funderland Team
0812 912 14-
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