Friday, 3 July 2015

Kourtney Kardashian Furious With Cheating Husband Scott Disick Over His Strange Love Affairs With A New Girl Chloe Bartoli

This is probably not the coolest thing Kourtney Kardashian wants to see !

Pictures have surfaced of Scott Disick(Kourtney's husband) loving up and lounging with a new girl in Monte
Carlo. It was discovered her name is Chloe Bartoli.

Chloe, 25, according to Hollywoodlife,is a celebrity stylist and boast clients like Selena Gomez and Nicole Richie, to name a couple.
Chloe is best buds with Jared Leto, 43, after styling him for years. The two are so close
She Recently Started Her Own Clothing Line  Re/Done.
Her Parents Are French & She Speaks The Language Fluently.
And the biggest revelation of all? Chloe seems to be Scott’s ex-girlfriend, according to Us Weekly.

Though she's aware of Scott's cheating behavious but this time Kourtney is more furious than she's even been.
An insider tells that “Kourtney is once again embarrassed by Scott’s behavior and she has been made aware of these pictures. She is absolutely livid with what she has seen,”
“Her mind is racing on what else could be happening. Scott breaking her heart isn’t anything new, but this latest issue has her very upset and not sure what to do. She is shellshocked by it.”

The whole Scott's infifelity saga is really tearing apart the Kardashian family.
Kim K was hear and there on the matter. The reality star strokes Kourtney for letting Scott off the hook
over his PDA with his ex, while still frowning at Scott's misbehaviours owing to the reason that he's
much adored by the Kardashian clan(Kris & Khloe).

See how Kim bares her mind according to
“Kim doesn’t understand why Kourtney puts up with Scott’s antics,” our source reveals. “It makes her furious to see him treat her like this, but if Kourtney won’t stand up for herself, then there is nothing anyone can do.”

Photo credit: Splash News
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