Monday, 13 July 2015

Half-Century South Carolina Confederate Flag Brought Down !

The Confederate Flag has been Removed From South Carolina Statehouse.
The removal of the flag marks the end of an era in South Carolina, because it has been a symbol and reminder of racial discrimination in the states where it was white supremacy existed for years.

"Taking down the confederate flag is a sign of good will and healing and meaningful step
towards a better future", Obama Twitted

Amidst jubilation at last Friday's ceremony, many Americans chanted "USA".
While some sang the chorus of "Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye,” others
sang the refrain from “Amazing Grace.”

As the flag was lowered down the 30-foot pole, it was handed to an archivist who transported it to the state
museum, where it was be placed in the Confederate Relic room, reported by wsj.

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