Friday, 8 May 2015

Video : Shaquille O'Neal Takes EPIC Tumble on Set During The NBA Halftime Report

Shaquille O'Neal, the biggest of big trees, took an epic tumble on live television, fell hard on the set Wednesday night after trying to run to the big screen with Kenny Smith.

The 7'3 frame NBA legend was doing commentary on the NBA Playoffs  last night for TNT's Inside the NBA when he stood up to assist Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley with a halftime segment.

Having unwittingly entangled his leg in a cord, O'Neal leaped from the platform and ripped a monitor out of the on-set desk. Check out the video after the cut...

With Barkley and Smith in hysterics over the embarrassing fate of their colleague, O’Neal shouted that host Ernie Johnson “set” him “up.”

O'Neal fell so hard that he lost a shoe and was writhing on the ground, having apparently gotten tied up in some electronics.

 Fortunately, Shaq eventually righted himself and even had some fun at his own expense, taking to Twitter after the incident aired on national television and joking:

"[Damn] I'm clumsy."

If it makes Shaq feel any better, Chris Brown also fell off a stage in Las Vegas this week.
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