Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Kylie is Pregnant At 17 ! Becoming Teen Mom Tear The Kardashian Apart !


Kylie Jenner is pregnant for Tyga is real news coming from authority sources and

To the Jenners and Kardashian's mom Kris the pregnancy was much anticipated owing to the uncontrollable lifestyle Kylie at 17 chose.

      You knew it was going to happen . . . Kris Jenner leaked a story to her favorite gossip weekly OK magazine. Kylie is pregnant. Here is what they're reporting:

    Kylie lost her virginity to her 25 year old rapper boyfreind Tyga. "Now", the source says, "we're hearing she's expecting a baby with him too. It's insane."

The Kardashian family are really disappointed with the development: while Kim Kardashian who is also expecting baby number two took sides with Kylie regardless of the pregnancy saga.

“Kris Jenner was irate,” says the mag’s source. “Kendall thinks she’s just throwing her life away.”

With the intense chemistry for Tyga, Kylie reportedly confirms she is keeping the baby !

Hollywoodlife reports :
“The idea of having [Tyga’s] baby only made Kylie feel more attached to him,” the source explains. “Kylie is insisting on keeping it.”

It no secret the leak has fingerprints of Kris Jenner to OK Magazine.

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