Monday, 5 June 2017

So These Things Happen? How The Fortune Of An Entire Family In Edo State Was Padlocked And Buried, Was Exposed [Video]

According Facebook page CIAO Naija, here's a video of how the fortune of an entire family which was tied up, padlocked and buried in Benin, Edo State, was exhumed.

From the footage, the man who took out time to exhume the items brought out padlocks, money of different currencies and some fetish items all stuffed inside a small clay pot and buried in the family's compound.

So these things happen! People be watchful and observant for wickedness like this that tear apart families.

Here’s what CIAO Naija wrote about the incident and watch the footage below;
“IN EDO STATE Somebody GATHERED The wealth and happiness of a full Family and tied them up.. then buried on the ground… ”