Tuesday, 15 November 2016

World's Largest Hook-up & Dating site "AdultFriendFinder" has been Hacked

For those who have accounts and supplied their personal details on the dating, relationship and sex hook up  networking site, AdultFriendFinder, be rest assured, your details have been stolen by an unknown group of hackers.

AdultFriendFinder has reportedly been hacked and risk exposing your details for the second time in 18 months, though this latest incident appears to be way more serious.

Uncovered over the weekend by data leak information site LeakedSource, the October 2016 breach is thought to affect 340 million users of AdultFriendFinder, an online service that describes itself as "one of the world's largest sex hookup, dating, chat, sexy matches and adult friends sites in the world."
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The nabbed data, which is thought to comprise information going back to 1996 when the site launched, reportedly includes usernames, account passwords, email addresses, and the date of a user's last visit. The fact that old data has also been compromised suggests the operators of AdultFriendFounder failed to wipe the details of former users from its database when they closed their accounts.

Associated sites in the FriendFinder network, including Cams.com and Stripshow.com, and also Penthouse.com which it doesn't even operate anymore, are also thought to have been hit, with more than 70 million accounts affected.

When contacted by the website, the company neither confirmed nor denied the hack, though admitted it'd recently received several reports of security issues.

"Over the past several weeks, FriendFinder has received a number of reports regarding potential security vulnerabilities from a variety of sources," Diana Ballou, FriendFinder VP and senior counsel, told ZDNet. "Immediately upon learning this information, we took several steps to review the situation and bring in the right external partners to support our investigation."

The immediate advice is that if you've ever signed up to a FriendFinder site, and you've used the password for other services, then go and change those passwords now.

It's not yet known who's behind the alleged hack.

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